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When looking for live fetish webcams and trying to narrow it down to a particular fetish you may have it can be over whelming and tiresome. With so many sites to scroll through and so many different fetishes out there it’s hard to find the one you want. This is why i made this site to discuss all the different types of fetishes and how good they will be when you find the proper type of webcam host who is also interested in fetishes in particular your own type of fetish. I am often asked what is the most popular type of fetish online and that is a hard question to answer  because their is so many different types and styles of fetish ranging from smoking fetish to foot fetish to catheter fetish and tongue fetish and so much more. These are just some of the examples that are asked of often. If you visit a site like live fetish webcams they have live and interactive fetish cams available at all times fetish live webcam chats with so many gorgeous fetish Mistresess available to  chat to online at all times and they just love to have fun and get horny and naughty with you on live fetish webcam chat rooms. So if you are looking for a fetish girl who enjoys smoking on cam then be sure to check the above link out and have all your fetish needs met by these wonderful fetish ladies on live cam. They truly will do anything you ask of them and more so don’t be afraid to ask them or tell them what you are looking for as they have heard it all before so you will not shock them or anything like that. Bdsm also falls into the whole fetish site for example sites like

Fetishes have been around for such a long time and it’s great because life would be boring if everyone liked exactly the same thing, fetishes and sex are a great combination and a great way to express ourselves. I mean vanilla sex doing same thing over and over and over again can get very boring and draining hence why having some sort of fetish of bdsm need can really make life in the bedroom much more exciting.

It can be hard to date someone who is into the same fetishes as you hence why i always say check the fetish cam section out as you will truly meet many other gorgeous girls who enjoy your fetish just as much as you do. I love smoking so i enjoy smoking on cam for my fetish guys long draws on my cigarette wearing my bright red lipstick so that it stains my ciggie and i can then show them. I remember the movie grease when frenchie was smoking doing the french inhale with her ciggie and i remember how sexy it looked and i have been asked many times to try and smoke just like frenchie in the movie grease did